Map by Edison Peñafiel

                                                                            Map by Edison Peñafiel

LAND was commissioned by Grass Stains and Pioneer Winter Collective

Performance Dates
October 15 & 16, 2016

Florida International University - Nature Preserve, Miami, FL

Choreography and Direction
Jenny Larsson

Roxana Barba, Jenna Balfe, Rachel Carrol, Jennifer Martin, Ana Mendez, Sergio Mora, Tal Shibi, Merzili Villanueva, Marie Whitman, Nikki Rollason

Maria Theresa Barbist, Charlie Zuckerman, Ivan Malespin, Ali Darvish

Megan and Jenna, Courtesy of FIU and the Office of University Sustainability 

Land brings awareness to the issues of human sprawl, land rights, and how nature is affected by development. The work responds to the following: Who owns the land? Where is my land? Do you carry your land within as you go, and does it call you back to a specific place?